The absolute best website to get a live free love tarot reading – or any king of reading for that matter, is posted below. Join now and get 9.99 free credits! No credit card required, no tricks and gimmicks – just sign up and get your free reading!



Don’t settle for those computer premade love tarot readings other sites offer – talk to a real psychic live on your computer or cell phone! This is 100% live tarot reading done by a pro right front of you. If you have a webcam you can use it to talk face to face with the tarot adviser but that’s not necessary, you can just type your questions and watch them do their thing. This way is so much better and personalized than just talking on the phone! With oranum you get too watch everything and not just listen to a voice or even worse – look at the live chat like so other sites do it. Not here – everything is 100% live and right in front of you! You get to see the readers do the tarot reading, watch the cards and see their face’s expressions and everything.

Free love tarot reading

Once you join and make an account a free love tarot reading is only the beginning. You can get pretty much any type of psychic reading and use your free credits. So make a free account now and get your live and personalized free tarot reading right away!

Other types of free readings offered:

  • Angel card
  • Dream analysts
  • Family issues
  • Money and finance
  • Angel communication
  • Past lives
  • Animal psychics
  • Career advise
  • Reiki
  • Zodiak
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Gypsy card
  • Holistic healing
  • Feng shui
  • Chakra healing
  • and many more!

The “free” portion of the reading is capped at the 9.99 free credits all new users will receive and and equals up to 10 minutes of free chat with a tarot reader of your choosing. If 10 minutes are not enough you will need to purchase credits at set prices but 10 min is usually plenty for a reading! It’s free guys, join now!


free tarot reading

Free love tarot reading – the process of getting a free reading via tarot cards from a trusted tarot reader. There are numerous different types of tarot spreads and the advisers at oranum will be happy to oblige you with the one you want! Just look around their website and pick the one you fell the most comfortable with and get your free tarot reading now!

Must be 18 or older. For entertainment purposes only.